2013 Charlotte Jewish Film Festival

Sunday, March 17th

Film: My Best Enemy (Mein bester Feind) Venue: Sam Lerner Center, Shalom Park Time: 3:00pm
My Best Enemy

My Best Enemy
(Mein bester Feind)

In the style of Inglourious Basterds comes an incredible tale filled with mistaken identity, international intrigue, romance, betrayal and dramatic plot twists. Lifelong friends are divided by war as they're caught up in a race to recover a valuable piece of art Hitler wanted to give as a gift to Mussolini.

My Best Enemy offers a new twist to the Emperor's New Clothes, using subtle comedy to deal with very human impulses: the yearning for power, social standing, and influence. The winner is the one who wears the right uniform more convincingly, not the one with the better human qualities. The truth is not so important here - it's being on the right side.

My Best Enemy takes its place in the great tradition of the comedies of Ernst Lubitsch and Charles Chaplin, but always remains realistic and deals not with artificial characters, but with genuine people. The film also relates a love story that is emotionally gripping without ever being sentimental.

Director: Wolfgang Murnberger

Language: German with English subtitles

Run time: 109 minutes


Austria 2011

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