2013 Charlotte Jewish Film Festival

Sunday, March 3rd

Film: The Seder on Planet Matzah Ball Venue: Gorelick Hall, Levine JCC Time: 10:30am
The Seder on Planet Matzah Ball

The Seder on Planet Matzah Ball

Co-Sponsored by the Levine-Sklut Judaic Library


Long ago, the fuzzy little people who live on Planet Matzah Ball were Jewish. Sadly, over the years, most of the Jewish traditions there have been lost. Then one special night, an Intergalactic Passover Guide Book crashes to the planet's surface from outer space. Taking a look at its pages, the people there realize that Passover is approaching them, so they decide to follow the book's instructions and have a Passover Seder of their own. There's just one problem: they don't have a leader to take them through the ceremony. So nine-year-old Oogy volunteers to travel to Earth and bring back an Earthling who can lead them in their newly remembered tradition. Oogy lands in Cleveland, OH, where the Rosenberg family is having their own Passover Seder. They teach Oogy all about Passover and what it means to the Jewish people. By the time Oogy is climbing back into his spaceship, he might not need an Earthling to act as Passover leader after all.

Director: Cathi Turow

Language: English

Run time: 36 minutes

Children's Film

USA 2003

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