2013 Charlotte Jewish Film Festival

Saturday, March 5th

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Film: The Other Son (Le fils de l'autre) Venue: Temple Israel Time: 7:00pm
The Other Son

The Other Son
(Le fils de l'autre)

Sponsored by: Temple Israel

What would you do if you discovered you had been switched at birth? That’s what happens to two teens, an Israeli and a Palestinian, forcing each of them to question their identities and leaving their families to figure out how to deal with the emotional repercussions.

Director Lorraine Lévy doesn’t take sides and instead focuses on the family relationships and the human side of this heartbreaking situation. How does a family react to the news that they raised the son of their adversary? How does a mother cope with the realization that her own son was raised by another woman? How do the fathers manage their emotions when they’ve been conditioned to be wary of the other side? How do the boys deal with being “the other son”?

Perfectly nuanced performances from a multinational cast raise this touching drama into an unforgettable viewing experience for the entire family.

Coffee, Cake & Conversation following the film.


“The film’s ultimate message is heard loud and clear: Bloodlines run thicker than political boundaries, and decades of conflict cannot quell a mother’s love for her son, or a young man’s taste for freedom.” - The Hollywood Reporter

“The Other Son works best as an interesting case study to examine ridiculous labels and traditions people use for hatred, oppression, vengeance, and misunderstanding.” - ION Cinema

“Can your son, the one you brought up, ever stop being your son? Can the “other” be any less your son? Or, as Joseph asks, am I still Jewish?” - Honeycutt’s Hollywood

“The Other Son waters the seeds of empathy in our hearts as we ponder the miracles that can happen when we walk a mile in another person’s shoes and truly desire to understand the broader context of another’s life.” - Spirituality & Practice


Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix Award and Best Director - Tokyo International Film Festival 2012

Director: Lorraine Lévy

Language: French, English, Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles

Run time: 105 minutes

Family Drama

France 2012

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